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13, 14, 15 - TAJ Krishna, Hyd'bad 

18, 19, 20 - Sri Satya Sai Nigamagamam, Hyd'bad
(Abhinaya by TRENDZ)

21 - TAJ Deccan, Hyd'bad


3, 4, 5 - TAJ Krishna, Hyd'bad

14, 15, 16 - TAJ Deccan, Hyd'bad

25, 26, 27 - Sri Satya Sai Nigamagamam, Hyd'bad
(Abhinaya by TRENDZ)


1, 2 3 - TAJ Krishna, Hyd'bad

9, 10, 11 - Sri Satya Sai Nigamagamam, Hyd'bad
(Abhinaya by TRENDZ)

30 - TAJ Krishna, Hyd'bad

Updated Terms and Conditions for exhibitors / participants –

1.     Event dates and Layouts are subject to change and Organizer’s decision is deemed as full and final in case of unfavourable circumstances which may or may not be under direct control of the organizer. Organizer cannot be held responsible for any actions, claims, damages, or losses.

2.     The Organizer disclaims any responsibility other than organizing the event smoothly 

3.     Once an exhibitor/participant processes any kind of payment either in part or in full towards any event or enters the exhibition premises and / or occupying any stall space allotted to them and / or displaying their product / promotional material within the allotted stall, then, the exhibitor enters into a virtual contract with our company and is bound and deemed as compliant to all the rules and regulations mentioned herewith. We don’t have a cancellation or a refund policy.

4.     Stall display charges mentioned on the layouts/floor plans are final and the same is non-negotiable. Statutory payments are non-negotiable.

5.     Each stall will be provided with 3 CFLs in-case of a 3mtr X 2mtr sized stall and 2 CFLs in-case of a 2mtr X 2mtr sized stall along with 1 system table and
2 chairs. All stall sizes are in meters only.

6.     100% payment in advance is mandatory for booking a stall on a confirmed basis and the same is non-refundable. Stall will not be allotted in case of non-payment of the balance amount.

7.     18% GST is applicable on all payments.

8.     BANK details -

·       NAME - Siddharthsai Events and Management Services Pvt. Ltd

·       BANK and BRANCH - YES Bank Ltd, Marredpally, Hyderabad

·       Account # - 107061900000026

·       IFSC CODE – YESB0000097

9.     Payments to any other person or any other account will not be considered under any circumstance

10.  The organizer reserves the right to hold any exhibitor’s stock, in-case of non-receipt of the stall display charges before the end of the event. Organizers decision is deemed as full and final under any circumstance. 

11.  The Organizer reserves the right to refuse admission to any person in the interest of the exhibition or due to safety reasons 

12.  Exhibitors / participants cannot disturb any other participant or customer

13.  The Organizer reserves the right to prohibit distribution of any publicity material inside or outside the exhibition without assigning any reason whatsoever.

14.  None of the products on display or present at the exhibition premises infringe, or is likely to infringe, any patent trade mark, copy right and other intellectual property rights of any party, and the exhibitor / participant agree that in the event of any breach, this contract may be terminated by the Organizer unilaterally. In such an event, the exhibitors shall indemnify the Organizer against all costs, claims, demands, losses and liabilities etc. 

15.  In the event of an exhibitor withdrawing / cancelling their stall booking prior to the event after paying the advance, the advance will be forfeited and Organizers decision will be deemed as final 

16.  Exhibitors & their representatives should be present in the stall at all times from the opening hours of the Exhibition in order to receive visitors till the closing time.

17.  The exhibitors and their representatives would be solely responsible for any damage/theft which may occur to the exhibits, equipment, decor, stock, or any-other possessions 

18.  The period of liability of the Exhibitor shall be deemed to run from the time the Exhibitor or any of his representatives first enters the Exhibition and will continue until all his exhibits and property have been completely removed. 

19.  The Exhibitor shall ensure, indemnify and hold the Organizer harmless in respect of all costs, claims, demands and expenses towards participation, to which the Organizer may in any way not be responsible. 

20.  Participants / Exhibitors have to ensure they have a regular GSTIN of the state where they are participating in any of our event or apply as casual taxable person by paying advance tax. The organizer is not responsible in case if you are not GST compliant

21.  B2B GSTIN invoices will be issued within 7 working days subject to 100% clearance of all payments by the exhibitor and timely submission of Legal entity name, GSTIN, registered company address and email id of the exhibitor. Else a B2C invoice will be issued in the name of the exhibitor. GST will be calculated at 18%.

22.  Due to COVID, mandatory guidelines have to be followed. Mask, Gloves and 3 feet social distance is mandatory. The exhibitors and their staff have to mandatorily sanitize their hands frequently.

23.  Force Majeure - The organizer doesn't have any control over the state/central govts. decisions and actions. In-case of a total lock-down due to pandemic, epidemic, outbreak of disease, the acts of God or events outside human control, The organizer cannot be held accountable. The exhibitor and their staff are expected to follow all healthcare guidelines at all times without fail.

24.  Exhibitors are advised to refer the detailed terms and conditions, before participating in any event. The document is deemed as valid till further changes / amendments.

25.  Once an exhibitor processes the payment through any mode, the exhibitor will be deemed as having read the terms and conditions. We don’t have a cancellation or a refund policy irrespective of the circumstance or situation.

26.  Since this document is available online, manual signature is not applicable and all exhibitors participating voluntarily in our exhibitions are bound by these guidelines by default.

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